DenkWerkZeug is a personal, single-user desktop software tool. It let's you enter facts and connected items. Then you can view an automatically generated graph, navigate around and do queries.

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Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

What is DenkWerkZeug?

“What Excel is for numbers, Denkwerkzeug is for Thoughts, Snippets and Arguments.”

Sort, Structure, Connect

  • Thoughts and Arguments: Reach complex decisions faster and with higher precision (e.g. when making expensive purchases, making career choices or evaluating business ideas)
  • Personal Knowledge Management: Note your thoughts short and simple. Then add links and tags, as desired. This enhanced the value of your entry: It becomes easier to find and use it in queries.
  • Complex Systems: Manage complex systems or the documentation for one in Denkwerkzeug. E.g. you can model a software system and look at all layers of abstraction in a single tool.


  • Denkwerkzeug offers
    • Management of text snippets and connections between them, stored in
    • a flexible, structured data model
    • with powerful ways to query it.
  • Denkwerkzeug is installed locally and used in the browser. Later versions will run in the cloud and sync with iOS and Android devices.
  • By using intelligent auto-completion, reuse of concepts and consistent naming is provided.
  • Denkwerkzeug can handle many cross references. The linked text snippets are usually rather short.
  • Connections exist on their own and are not bound to the text content.

Use Denkwerkzeug

Right now, Denkwerkzeug is “By Invitation Only”. Sign up now and get a great spot on our waiting list.
UPDATE: DenkWerkZeug beta is open for all now. Sign-up for the mailing list to get notified on new versions and special features.

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