DenkWerkZeug is a personal, single-user desktop software tool. It let's you enter facts and connected items. Then you can view an automatically generated graph, navigate around and do queries.

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Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

Which tools used people before DenkWerkZeug? How do they compare to DWZ?

From the answers people gave use on the early access sign-up form, the following tools were mentioned in "Which tools did you use until before DenkWerkZeug?" We list them here, so that you have the choice.
  • Instiki - math-enabled wiki
    • DenkWerkZeug is inspired from wikis.
  • Freemind - an open-source mind-map tool
    • DenkWerkZeug is not a visual tool. It might have read-only visualizations to explore connections in search results.
  • Freeplane - a fork in 2009 from Freemind, supports plug-ins to extend functionality
    • Plug-ins are a great idea.
  • iMapping - an infinite zoomable pin board which supports visual linking, too
    • A fantastic tool for the visual user. Scalable, intuitive.
  • Yojimbo - information organizer for Mac OS X
    • DenkWerkZeug focuses more on handling complex models than on handling tons of simple, unconnected notes.
  • Evernote - very easy to take notes on all devices: text, voice, photos; organization by tags only
    • See Yojimbo. Maybe DenkWerkZeug should be able to import or connect to Evernote.
  • Trello - a list of cards; collaborative
    • A very simple model. 
  • Journler for Mac OS, discontinued after version for OSX 10.7 - very text oriented
    • DenkWerkZeug is not meant for writing documents. Should it?
  • editorially.com - collaborative writing; application no longer available;
    • See Journler.
  • iAWriter on iPad - writing texts with a MarkDown-like syntax; distraction free mode
    • See Journler.
  • draftin.com - version control; collaboration for writers
    • See Journler.
  • yEd Graph Editor - to visualize any kind of graph
    • Could be used to prototype visualizing the content of a DenkWerkZeug model
  • Goalscape - Visual Goal Management Software
    • DenkWerkZeug is not a special tool for managing goals or tasks. But it will be able to handle tasks as well. Every tool is mis-used to handle tasks anyway, so we better plan for it.
  • Citavi - reference management, knowledge organization, and task planning; roots in reference management
    • We have to check out this tool further.
  • Microsoft OneNote - a personal journal with great integration into all Microsoft products; collection of copy & paste office snippets
    • We will never achieve this level of Office integration. But we aim to be able to structure concepts and data better.
  • TheBrain - network of concepts; each can hold a note;
    • Very similar to DenkWerkZeug. DWZ will allow queries rendered as tables.

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