DenkWerkZeug is a personal, single-user desktop software tool. It let's you enter facts and connected items. Then you can view an automatically generated graph, navigate around and do queries.

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Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

Desktop Version starts to breathe

The current iteration of DenkWerkZeug is a personal semantic wiki, to be used on a desktop-grade computer, e.g. a laptop. DenkWerkZeug is not social, not built for sharing.

Here is another update. Internally, some components are quite ready by now. There is a working text search engine, an item data base, an inference engine, a rule engine. All of them are memory-efficient and fast. A link to an existing wiki (JspWiki) has been done. The new wiki parser is not perfect yet, but most parts work. This sound too technical? Look at the screenshot:

Figure 1: Working prototype, as of 2014-06-18

To make reading easier, here is what it says on the front page (copy and paste from HTML rendering):

Welcome to DenkWerkZeug

DenkWerkZeug is a tool (at which you look right now) to structure your thoughts, data and arguments. Probably you can also use it to manage your to-dos, as every tool is used to manage to-dos anyway.


  • Simple syntax to edit pages (taken from JspWiki)
    • Headlines
    • Bulleted Lists
    • Bold, italics, links to web pages,
  • Easy links to other pages via CamelCase.
  • Fast search engine
  • Auto-completion to quickly go to pages
  • Simple triple queries
  • Table queries
  • Sleek modern UI
  • More powerful queries
  • Queries embedded in pages

Under the hood - Features for nerds

  • Arbitrary properties attached to items (every page is an item)
  • Types and type inheritance
  • Datalog-capable inference engine
  • Rule engine

How To

  • Create a new page: Go to SandBox (or any other page), edit the page and link to the new page using either CamelCase or put your page name in [braces ]

The "pink card design" from previous posts might be used to render the right side in the future. The next steps are a solid knowledge model API which will then be thoroughly tested.