DenkWerkZeug is a personal, single-user desktop software tool. It let's you enter facts and connected items. Then you can view an automatically generated graph, navigate around and do queries.

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Freitag, 4. Juli 2014

Three modes of tool-supported thinking

I just read an old post from 2007 from colleague Matthias Melcher: Think-Tools for Connective Knowledge. Main point: We need visual, text and database-like tools, and we need them integrated. The model described in my thesis (CDS) aims for that, but the tool DenkWerkZeug, on which I am working on at the moment, targets only the text and database dimensions. Adding a strong visual tool might one day be achieved by integrating with the tool iMapping from Heiko Haller.

Thanks Matthias for writing this nice post, I really need to read more from your blog.