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Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

A 15-Minute Video on the Future of (Mechanical & Knowledge) Work

This video shows the future of work, even knowledge work.
The main points (for me) start at minute 7:24.

The main idea is, machine learning and robots can replace many (most) jobs. There is certainly a true aspect on this, but machine learning is not such a magic wand, as it might appear. Machine learning is good to classify things. Is this a fraudulent transaction or a normal one? Is this a one-way street or a normal street? Is this a person blocking the street for the self-driving car or just the shadow of a tree? Machine learning can solve this.

Another example from the video is auto-generated journalism. This is known to be used for sports and stock reports, where the text is very repetitive and ... there is well-structured data. In the stock market, the data is there already. However, in law, the data what somebody did is not crystal clear. There are several reports by several witnesses and they can be seen in this or that light. To go from there to data, one has to model the data. Modeling is not programming, but also not so far from it. If a programmer tells a computer what to do, step by step, then modeling is telling a computer what to .. eh... believe? Today's lawyers and doctors are likely quite good in modeling, although they have pretty old-school tools: text. There will be future jobs for modeling stuff. For explaining in great detail, what the robots and programs should do. Maybe not how.

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