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Freitag, 19. Dezember 2014

TagCloud feature released in DenkWerkZeug v1.1.1

tl,dr: DenkWerkZeug v1.1.1 has a new tag cloud feature. 

The sample knowledge file "Lean Startup" as seen in the tag cloud feature

Just before the year 2014 ends, DenkWerkZeug brings you a new feature, the tag cloud. The tag cloud shows the most used items (or all, if you wish) on one single page. Bigger, reddish tags are used more, small and blue tags are used less. Usage is counted by existing (each item is thus used at least once). Each statement "uses" all three items (source, relation, target).

We also improved the UI a little bit. See all changes in the release notes.

Happy holidays,

The DenkWerkZeug Team

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