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Sonntag, 1. März 2015

For Semantic Web Nerds

In DenkWerkZeug 1.4.1, which was released 5 minutes ago, we added features for semantic web nerds. You can now

  • Import RDF files
  • New: Import the built-in RDF(S) 1.1 or OWL 2 ontologies with just one click
  • Control the URI used when exporting to RDF.
  • Effectively, DenkWerkZeug is now a kind of light-weight ontology editor. It's not an RDFS or OWL editor, as it cannot handle many of the subtle details in RDF(S) and OWL, but it can import all RDF files. And re-export them.
Of course, we also fixed some bugs and made some UI improvements. Thanks Jörg S. and Olaf G. for the feedback here.

If you care mostly about the graph and the semantic relations, this release is for you. For our die-hard wiki fans, one of the next releases will bring much-awaited improvements.

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