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Samstag, 1. August 2015

Relations Cheat Sheet for DenkWerkZeug

The Built-in Relations in DenkWerkZeug can be a little confusing at first. So here is a one-page explanation.

  • The idea is, you choose the best relation. Are two things related at all? Then simply use "is related" to capture that. 
  • You want to express in a little more detail how and why the items are related? Decide if the two things are rather similar to each other or rather different. If they are different, decide who links to whom and use "links to".
  • To express even better why and how to items are related, you just go down the image and decide in which relation type your situation fits best. 

If you have little time or energy to be precise, you can always use rather generic relations. If you are precise, the more precise relations imply the relations above them. 

You can extend this hierarchy at any point with your own relations. Just say "my new relation, is subtype of, some existing relation". 

Download Relations Cheat Sheet

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