DenkWerkZeug is a personal, single-user desktop software tool. It let's you enter facts and connected items. Then you can view an automatically generated graph, navigate around and do queries.

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Dienstag, 10. November 2015

DWZ 1.6.2 Released Today

The main changes since the 1.5.x releases are: 

  • More robust:
    The Computer Assisted Thinking has been improved and now it runs exactly when needed. Uses much less memory. The same happened to auto-linking words in the wiki text. It's now simply correct.
  • Better graph:
    Now also shows, what you cannot see :-) Yes, really, we added lines from nodes leading to nowhere, so you see which nodes are worth to explore. See the sample image from the coffee-example.
  • Minor: MathJAX support added.
With this milestone, we can soon add new features on top.

Image: New lines from items to nowhere show instantly, where more connections can be explored (and what kind and how many).

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